5 Predictions for the Yankees Prospects

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports
Not sure any of these are Earth shattering, but here are my predictions for the Yankees prospects this year and moving forward.
1. The Rookie of the Year won't come from the Yankees

Based on the current roster and playing time available, I don't think any of the Yankee prospects, mainly Miguel Andujar or Gleyber Torres, are going to see enough playing time to garner rookie of the year consideration. This isn't saying these guys aren't talented, but baring an injury/trade of Neil Walker or Brandon Drury, or if Tyler Wade reverts to his 2017 form, I see no reason why Torres or Andujar are going to get extended playing time on this team. I would go so far as to say Torres might spend most of, if not all of the year in AAA refining his skills and readying himself for a chance to start in 2019.

2. Domingo German will have the 6th most starts on the Yankees unless they trade for a pitcher

I think it's telling that the Yankees intend to keep German as a starter and are leaving him stretching out in AAA. The fact he's not being used as a bullpen arm obviously means the Yankees obviously believe in his talent, and the less starts Luis Cessa makes the better.

3. Chance Adams is the prospect most likely to be traded

I would have put Clint Frazier here but he's no longer a prospect. I don't have anything against Adams, but right now he seems like he's destined for the bullpen because of his limited pitching arsenal. His ceiling seems to be that of a back-end rotation starter, and either way the Yankees, trading him would seem to maximize his value the most, and while I think his prospect ranking is pretty inflated, I could see a team thinking he could be a suitable rotation piece for them going forward once they get their hands on him.

4. Clarke Schmidt will be the most impressive 2017 Draft Pick in 2018 and in the long run

Like Monty and myself, Schmidt is a Gamecock and is thus cut from a different cloth (I am obviously biased). Despite recovery from Tommy John surgery, I think Schmidt is the real deal. While he needs to work on his consistency, his slider and curveball at times can be absolutely filthy, his fastball has good movement and his change-up isn't shabby either. I think in time, he's going to prove to be a complete pitcher and may hopefully follow in Monty's footsteps as the next Gamecock turned Yankee starter.

5. Estevan Florial will cement his blue chip status and end the year in AAA

While he is still raw, Florial impressed in Spring Training this year and showed why the Yankees deemed him an "untouchable". While I won't peg him for the 2019 roster, I think if Florial can cut down on his strikeouts he's going to be the talk of the Yankees farm system (even over Gleyber Torres) by the end of the year.

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