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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/3/18

Yankees hope to play today, even though forecast calls for rain; Jordan Montgomery to get start today, weather permitting; Giancarlo Stanton thinks his swing will play well at Yankee Stadium; Judge not concerned about slow start; Jeter, Posada, and Ortiz having a good time at Marlins game

Northeast U.S. Digs Out After  'Bomb Cyclone' Snowstorm
Winter never ends
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images | Bryan Hoch: The Yankees did not get to have their Opening Day celebration yesterday because winter will not go away. Rude, really. With the field covered in snow, Opening Day at Yankee Stadium was postponed until 4PM this afternoon. Of course, the forecast calls for a 90% chance of showers. So, you know, weather sucks. For the record, the whole week looks pretty crappy.

Newsday | Roger Rubin: Well if the Yankees actually do wind up playing today, they will still be sending Jordan Montgomery to the mound. There was some speculation that they might go with Luis Severino, since he would be on a normal day’s rest. However, they want to make sure that Gumby gets his work in. The Rays will be sending Chris Archer to face him, as opposed to the highly vaunted Bull P. Day.

New York Daily News | Christian Red: Facing Chris Archer, weather permitting, will be Giancarlo Stanton. You might remember that Giancarlo Stanton is a Yankee. You might remember his Yankee debut, in which the pair of dongs he hit were long and thunderous. Now, even in the glistening snow, Stanton has his eyes on the right field porch and he likes what he sees. Who could blame him? Hopefully we’ll get to see it get utilized today. | Bryan Hoch: Aaron Judge is off to a slow start. Mind you, we’ve only played four games of the base balls. We probably shouldn’t worry. I mean, Aaron Judge is not worried and who knows Aaron Judge better than Aaron Judge and maybe Joe Angryfan. Joe Angryfan knows everybody better than anybody, dangnabbit! In any case, here’s Judge promising to hit 70 dingers this year.

New York Post | Chris Perez: According to a new Quinnipiac poll, the Yankees are the most popular baseball team in New York City. Yes, even Queens, where the New York Mets reside. That’s really all I have for this. This should really shock no one.

Cut4 | MEARNS!!!: Former Yankee legend and Player’s Tribune founder Derek Jeter was in attendance at the Miami Marlins game yesterday. Probably because, you know, he owns the team. With him in attendance was Former Yankee legend and Jeets BFF Jorge Posada, as well as former Yankee archnemesis David Ortiz. Admittedly, seeing these three sitting together joking made me feel a tad old. Nothing new there though.