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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 108: Infinity War

Greg and Kunj discuss the bad things, like Sonny Gray, and the good things, like the entire infield and all the offense. Plus Yankee & Mitre of the Week


Wiggity wiggity what’s up everyone. Another episode of the Pinstripe Alley Podcast coming at you. There were a lot of great topics to discuss on this week’s episode of the PahSahp. There were some bad topics of course, like Sonny Gray. Gray has been not good. Unproductive. Mehtastic, if you will. Thankfully we get him out of the way early to discuss the happier stuff, like Miguel Andujar, Gleyber Torres, Didi Gregorius, Aaron Judge, and the rest of the offense. You know the offense I’m talking about. While the offense is rolling right along, the defense could use a bit of work.

The Yankees are hotter than hot right now and they are fun to talk about. Both Greg and Kunj’s Mitre of the Week were easy to pick. The Yankee of the Week was a bit harder, because there were so many choices. All in all, good times. Please feel free to comment and subscribe to us. We’ll be your friend.

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