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Ask Pinstripe Alley 4/26/18: Brandon Drury and Neil Walker’s future, Arizona trade candidates

Your Yankees mailbag has arrived.

Ask Pinstripe Alley

Last week I put out a call for Ask Pinstripe Alley mailbag questions. We received several interesting questions, and while there’s not enough time to answer them all, I’ll try my best this morning. Don’t feel bad if I didn’t get to yours. Another editor may pick it up later in the week!

dpk875 asks: Who gets traded this season, Neil Walker, Brandon Drury (assuming he figures someway to mitigate the migraines), both or neither?

I’ll take the safe answer and say neither. The Yankees clearly valued Drury. Cashman admitted he tried to land the infielder multiple times in recent years. It’s funny to compare Drury to Wally Pipp, but don’t expect the front office to give up on him. They will find a way to get him into the lineup when he’s healthy. Besides, he’s a career .270/.319/.447 hitter. He averaged a 96 wRC+ with blurred vision. Imagine how much better he will be if he can see.

Walker, on the other hand, has a longer leash than you would expect. He has a track record as an above average big league hitter, and no, this slow start doesn’t erase that. The Yankees stayed in contact with him all throughout March, even after acquiring Drury, so they obviously like him. Walker’s versatility also makes him far more valuable than last year’s addition of Chris Carter.

Maybe the Yankees stick Walker into a July deal a la Tyler Clippard last season. I still think it’s more likely they hang on to him though. These logjams have a tendency to work themselves out.

Aaron asks: What’s happening with Dermis Garcia? I’ve enjoyed following his Rob Deer-like adventures at the plate, but I haven’t seen him in a minor-league lineup yet this year.

Garcia, 20, is “nursing a minor injury” per Jim Callis. He’s hanging around extended spring training before shipping off to the Low-A Charleston RiverDogs. Last season the third baseman hit .249/.357/.542 with 17 home runs split between rookie and A-ball. He still has his trademark power, but also a 30.5% strikeout rate. If he can cut that down, the Yankees will have another very interesting prospect in the lower levels of the system.

GullySully1977 asks: Are the Yankees done trading with the Diamondbacks this year and if not then who is more likely: Patrick Corbin or Robbie Ray?

It’s too early to say. Right now it appears more likely that Arizona will buy at the deadline, not sell. They still have a solid lead on the NL West.

In the event the wheels fall of and Mike Hazen decides to open the team for business, the Yankees figure to be in on both southpaws. The price on Ray would likely be through the roof, considering he’s a cost-controlled left-hander starter with a record of success. Corbin, an impending free agent, may have a more palatable price tag. Plus, he made it no secret that he really wants to pitch for the Yankees.

You can’t go wrong here. Both Ray and Corbin would improve the rotation and give the Yankees a boost. I’m having a tough time seeing them hit the trading block though.