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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/24/18

Miguel Andujar hits all the extra base hits; how will the Yankees handle Andujar when Drury is healthy; Giancarlo Stanton comes alive in a big way; Gleyber Torres hits a single for his first major league hit; Clint Frazier recovering well; Yankees acquire AJ Cole

MLB: Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports | Bryan Hoch: There were a few decision as how to open up today’s link dump with. For good measure, I decided to go with Miguel Andujar because holy crap!!! Yes, that required three exclamation points. In true “not throwing away my shot” fashion, Andujar is making the most of his opportunity. I’m probably underselling it. Miggy is hitting all the extra base hits, hitting at least one in the past seven straight games. Only two previous Yankees have ever done this before the age of 24. Those two are Mickey Mantle and Joltin’ Joe Dimaggio, whom you might have heard of. Rare company, Andujar. Please do not stop.

Newsday | Laura Albanese: Of course, this brings up the question as to what the Yankees are going to do when Brandon Drury is healthy. Now now, before you yell out “THEY BETTER NOT STOP PLAYING ANDUJAR” let’s hear the facts. Drury was hitting fairly well before his issues. The doctors have identified what’s been causing his migraines and blurred vision. The doctors have prescribed treatment and he should be back to baseball activity soon. Okay, NOW you can yell out “THEY BETTER NOT STOP PLAYING ANDUJAR!” | Bryan Hoch: As we all know, the Yankees usually play pretty well against the Minnesota Twins. Last night was no exception. Giancarlo Stanton wasted no time jumping on board that particular train. Stanton went 4-for-4 last night, which included a walk and, oh yeah, THIS:

Absolutely destroyed. Stanton has been having much better at-bats as of late. Here’s hoping this game propels him forward. | Bryan Hoch: Gleyber Torres notched his first major league hit last night. Just a single, but a historic one for him nonetheless. YAYBER! He would also be driven in by Sir Didi Gregorius. How, you ask? THIS:

Good times.

Newsday | Erik Boland: More good news yesterday. Clint Frazier played an extended spring training game in Clearwater. Aaron Boone said that it was a very positive step for Red Thunder. Boone also stated that Frazier will play another extended spring training game today, workout with Class-A Tampa tomorrow, then play a rehab game with them on Thursday. Glad to see that Frazier is doing better.

MLBTradeRumors | Jeff Todd: The Yankees finally traded for Cole. Not Gerrit Cole though. No no, he’s doing great things for the Astros right now. AJ Cole is the Cole that the Yankees’ acquired. It only cost them cash considerations, so hooray. AJ Cole was previously DFA’d by the Nationals on account of him not being very good. Perhaps the Yankees hope they clean Cole up a bit. To make room for him, David Hale has been DFA’d. Thanks for last night, Hale.

Didi Victory Tweet

Sir Didi literally hit a Grand Slam. So modest.

Yankees twitter has him covered though. Also, Gleyber Torres is a baby bottle because Sir Didi is the best. If you’re interested in how he picks these out, The Dish will soon have more info.