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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/21/18

Ronald Torreyes threw his bat at a ball and got a single; Giancarlo Stanton hits a home run and gets a new Sterling HR call; Sonny Gray has not had a great April; the weather for April has been crap

MLB: Spring Training-Philadelphia Phillies at New York Yankees
Yes, exactly! EXACTLY!
Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Cut4 | Eric Chesterton: There are probably more important stories in this link dump, which we will get to. First, we need to talk about Ronald Torreyes and a single he hit last night. It’s one of many singles that Toe has hit in his hot start to the season. For this single, he wasn’t even holding his bat. Torreyes quite literally threw his bat at the pitch and it went into left field for a single. I cannot stop looking at the GIF of it in the link. How does this even happen? I will honestly be thinking about this single for a long time and I’m hoping a Jeff Sullivan or someone writes even more about it.

Newsday: Our other top story of the day. Giancarlo Stanton hit a home run. That’s not what’s important though. The key thing about Giancarlo’s dong is that John Sterling had a new HR call for it. Is it better than the old one? Well, he sings it, so the immediate answer to that question is “no.” The follow up answer is “god no.” But hey, he’s still John Sterling and this is his world. | Bryan Hoch: Sonny Gray has had a rough start to the season. A lot of Yankees have. However, there are only Gray skies on his horizon. Larry Rothschild attempted to work on adjusting Gray’s motions and mechanics earlier in the week. Obviously, it did not go so well. It could just be that Gray is a slow starter. CC Sabathia was always notorious for bad Aprils. In any case, be better please.

Newsday | Mike Rose: MLB Commissioner and avid hater of baseball, Rob Manfred, is surprised by the crappy weather that has plagued the season. Yeah, it’s been a rough April. Knowing Manfred, he’ll probably come up with a “make the third base line a slip & slide” rule if it’s raining. Nah, that’s way too much fun an idea for Manfred. Manfred hates fun. And baseball. He absolutely hates baseball. I just need you to know this.