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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/20/18

Judge blazes it to the moon; Kahnle could miss three weeks; How the anti-bullying video came to be; Boone drops Stanton in order

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
“Gimme some hungry chicken”
Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images | Bryan Hoch: You know how it goes at this point. It’s a day when the Yankees are playing baseball, so Aaron Judge smoked another baseball to the moon and broke another record. With his 61st career home run, Judge officially became the fastest player to 61 home runs. His high home run gave the Yankees a 4-2 lead and ultimately ended up being the game-winning run in the 4-3 victory. I’ll be blunt. It was dope. We’ed like to see more of those. If he keeps launching balls to the moon, he’s going to need a storage unit up there.

Hardball Talk | Craig Calcaterra: On Tuesday, we learned that Tommy Kahnle was headed to the 10-day disabled list with shoulder tendinitis. At the time, Aaron Boone said that he hoped it’d be a relatively short stint on the DL for Kahnle. Well, he’s going to miss more than 10 days. The Yankees announced that Kahnle has biceps and shoulder tendinitis and he’s not allowed to throw for 10 days. It could take upto three weeks for Kahnle to return.

New York Daily News | Daniel Popper: In yesterday’s news, Greg linked to a story about how the Yankees posted a video on their social media responding to Cassidy Warner, a bullying victim who took to social media to speak up about what she’s endured. The Yankees’ response went viral, and this piece goes into a bit more detail about how that came to be. Apparently it was Jason Zillo who discovered the video, but all the players wanted to support her and hope they “sent a positive message.” | Bryan Hoch: Aaron Boone is sick and fed up of Giancarlo Stanton’s struggles. Even though he’s excited about Stanton being a Yankee, Boone wants to see more from his slugger. On Thursday, Boone dropped him in the lineup from third all the way down to fourth. In all seriousness though, Boone said he might tinker with Stanton’s spot from third to fifth but doesn’t intend on dropping him to the bottom half of the lineup.

Didi Victory Tweet

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