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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/17/18

Aaron Judge makes history by being fastest player ever to hit 60 home runs; Brandon Drury to take new medication for migraine/blurred vision issue; Jacoby Ellsbury gets another injury, because of course; Sonny Gray works with Rothschild to alter delivery; Gleyber Torres removed from Triple-A game for back stiffness

Miami Marlins  v New York Yankees
I think Judge may have a future here
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images | Bryan Hoch: It would appear that Aaron Judge is okay at the whole baseball thing. Don’t believe me? Shame on you! Yesterday, his honor made baseball history with his fourth dinger of the year. That oppo-dong would be his 60th home run in 197 games played, which is the fastest anyone has ever hit 60 home runs. That pretty cool. Judge should continue making more history with all the dingers.

Newsday | Laura Albanese: Good news, everyone. Brandon Drury is alive. Bad news, everyone. On Monday, Drury said he is still experiencing the blurred vision due to his migraines. Good news, everyone. Drury is now on new medication which should help with this. He is scheduled to resume baseball activities again soon. Bad news, everyone. There is no official timetable for his return. Good news, everyone. Drury is not Jacoby Ellsbury.

New York Post | Dan Martin: Jacoby Ellsbury Jacoby Ellsbury’d once again. It turns out that while recovering from the injury he got while recovering from the other injury he had, Jacoby Ellsbury has another injury. This time it’s plantar fisciitis in his right heel. So there’s still no official timetable for his return, and nor should there be at this point. We’re really close to him legit straining his arm eating cereal.

New York Post | Dan Martin: Sonny Gray has not had the best of starts to the year. Thankfully, it’s only April and there is still time to fix that. Fixing that is exactly what Larry Rothschild is hoping to do. On Monday, Rothschild worked with Gray to have him alter his delivery, which thus far Gray feels good about. Hopefully it works out. That’d be swell. | Bryan Hoch: There was a bit of a scare last night. Or perhaps it was exciting to some. Gleyber Torres, who is good, was removed from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders game after two at-bats. There was speculation that he was being called up, but the Yankees wouldn’t get that extra year of service if he was called up today instead of tomorrow. The fear was then that he was injured. Turns out, he was feeling a bit of back stiffness. It was also really cold out. Thankfully, he’s not Jacoby Ellsbury, so he should not require surgery. If he does, you can blame me.

Didi Victory Tweet

Sir Didi Gregorius also hit two home runs yesterday. So very modest.

Yankees twitter stepped up to praise their glorious shortstop.