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Yankees - Tigers doubleheader rained out

Who could have seen this one coming?

Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images


Both games of the doubleheader have officially been rained out. They will makeup the games sometime in June. Hopefully the extra rest will do the Yankees some good.


As expected, game one of the doubleheader between the Yankees and Tigers has been postponed. It hasn’t stopped raining in Detroit since yesterday, but the teams thought they could somehow squeeze in a doubleheader. Give them credit for thinking on the bright side.

The Yankees were even optimistic enough to put together a starting lineup! They had Luis Severino pitching in game one. The rest of the lineup can be found here. The good news is that they didn’t actually leave their hotel. According to Billy Witz, the team decided to opt for the late bus to Comerica Park. That turned out to be a smart call. They could take their time getting there and prepared for the night game.

That is, of course, if there is a game two. That’s a big if, too. Right now, it doesn’t so look promising. Just check out the expected forecast for yourself:

They’re banking on getting a game in today, but who knows. If you’re looking forward to tomorrow’s matchup with Miaimi, too, I have bad news. Rain’s in the forecast all day in the Bronx. Maybe we’ll see the Yankees play again in May.