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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/12/18

Benches clear as Yankees/Red Sox game turns into a Melee; Boone, Cashman stick up for Tyler Austin; powerful lineup and good bullpen reasons behind Yankees’ win; Jeff Sullivan takes a look at the Yankees’ pitching this year

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
#$%k Joe Kelly
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images | Ian Browne and Bryan Hoch: #%$K THE RED SOX, AMIRITE?? Okay, so I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the Yankees vs. Red Sox melee that took place yesterday. Everyone is calling it a brawl, but I’m going with melee because melee was better than brawl. The incident started when Tyler Austin slide a little too hard into Brock Holt. Later, Joe Kelly threw at Austin, Austin threw down his bat, glass shattered, Stone Cold’s music started playing, and suddenly Aaron Judge had Joe Kelly in a headlock.

It’s safe to say that if Judge wants you to get off his guy, there’s little anyone can do to stop him. Anyway, the lines were drawn and we’ll find out more information regarding suspension and such later.

I agree with Jon Heyman’s bitmoji.

Newsday | David Lennon: The thing about having a melee against the Yankees is that they have a lot of big beefy baseball boys. Honestly, the highlight of all the shenanigans is clearly Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton forcing the Red Sox back to their dugout by themselves with all their might. Aaron Boone defended his guy, saying there was nothing dirty or malicious about Austin’s slide. Brian Cashman also had no issue with Austin charging the mound, saying his emotions flared up because Joe Kelly is a big fat doody head. That’s not an exact quote, but it’s close.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: As for the actual, non-Melee aspects of yesterday’s game, it’s important to note that they won. Winning is good. Winning against the Red Sox is even better. The Yankees won because of their lineup and their bullpen, which were both pretty good tonight. Burly, powerful bats and concise, excellent relief pitching were always the plan and it’s good to see a plan come together. It’s good to see Giancarlo and Gary Sanchez hitting the ball well. It’s good to see a bullpen not blow a lead. More of that, please.

Fangraphs | Jeff Sullivan: The Yankees pitching has been, uh, interesting this season. Interesting could be too kind of a word, but hear me out. Better yet, you should just read Jeff Sullivan’s look at the Yankees’ pitching. It takes an interesting look at the interesting approach they seem to be taking thus far. I’m also using the word ‘interesting’ a lot, which really is not that interesting.

Sorry, I had no choice.

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