What’s with all the panic?

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I posted this in the latest game recap thread, but I wanted to post my thoughts here just in case anyone was interested.

Hey guys! Yankee fan and phantom Pinstripe Alley member here... I found this site halfway through last year and have been creepily following along without saying anything ever since. I definitely enjoy reading other people’s opinions on my favorite team and I figured I’d actually join in this season. My apologies if any of this has already been said.

Tough loss/start to the season, for sure, but what’s with all this anger? I mean, feel free to be pissed and vent wherever. Who am I to tell you what to do (freedom of speech and all that)? But it just seems like a bit of an overreaction to me. Gotta watch your blood pressure! Obviously I don’t like watching the Yankees lose, but one of the reasons baseball is great is because it has such a long season. Anything can happen and the next day could be the beginning of a historic, Indians-esque win streak (though unlikely).

I tend to think that the start of the season isn’t as important as people are making it out to be and I was curious about how some of my favorite Yankee teams started in the past. From

1996 Yankees record after the first 10 games: 6-4 (became 6-7 at one point)

1997 Yankees record: 5-5 (became 5-10 at one point)

1998 Yankees record: 6-4 (became... a lot of wins)

1999 Yankees record: 7-3

2000 Yankees record: 7-3

2001 Yankees record: 7-3

2009 Yankees record: 5-5

What these numbers tell me is that some of the best Yankee teams in relatively recent history started out very similarly to how the team is starting out now. I was a little bit too lazy to look up some of the worst Yankee teams in recent memory, but I would guess that their records would be very similar to the records listed above. Even the best start (7-3) is only a difference of 3 games in the loss column. But then again, this seems like a dumb and pointless comparison because 10 games is an extremely small sample size. Which is also an important point I’m trying to make. This is a small sample size. Which also leads back to what I said earlier: it’s a long season. I think some forget just how long it is. A small sample size + a long season should put people’s minds at ease. Just something to keep in mind.

Anywho... I’m glad there’s a group of people who share my love for baseball and the New York Yankees. I just wish we could all settle down, take a deep breath, and realize that the Yankees will lose sometimes, Giancarlo Stanton will strike out a lot, sometimes the local grocery store doesn’t have my favorite IPA, the bullpen will blow some games here and there, our ace pitcher will sometimes not have his stuff, life is occasionally tough, the Red Sox will win sometimes, and it’s entirely possible that our favorite team won’t win the World Series. But, as they say, that’s baseball! I still plan on watching as many games as I can.

Apologies for the long winded novel I just posted above. Quick question for anyone who made it all the way through this: were people this irritable and negative last year? I only found the site about half way through the year. I don’t remember it being quite so "Chicken Little." Is it just a squeaky wheel situation? And again, nothing against anger or sadness when it comes to your favorite sports team. I get it. It just seems a bit unwarranted.

Anyway, best of luck to you all!

Go Yankees!

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