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Your boldest Yankees predictions for 2018

If the community is right, we’re in store for one wild season!

MLB: Spring Training-Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve reached the monotonous part of spring training. The novelty of baseball being back has worn off, while Opening Day remains weeks away. The spring doldrums are for real. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, though. To combat the fatigue, I put out a call on our social media channels asking for your boldest Yankees predictions for 2018.

A lot of you are predicting strong seasons for the Yankees. Many think the Bombers will clear the 90-win threshold. Others expect Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton to hit a lot of home runs. There were a few hot takes that proved too entertaining to not share. So, in what has become a Pinstripe Alley tradition, here are your bold predictions.

I, for one, support this prediction. Stanton is playing his home games at Yankee Stadium...

Gary Sanchez absolutely has the talent to do that. Gleyber Torres is off to a slow start this spring, but that could definitely happen as well.

The Yankees are going to have more than one MVP, and it will be awesome.

Wins aren’t the most revealing stat in the world, but having two starters win 20 games on the same staff is pretty darn impressive.

The pitching staff should just run the table while they’re at it.

Yes, exactly, just like that!

Holy moly, now that’s a blockbuster. On the one hand, that’s a farm system gutting move. On the other hand, it is Clayton Kershaw. The date here is also oddly specific.

Miguel Andujar has torn the cover off the ball in camp, endearing himself to Yankees fans. I love Manny Machado, but I don’t know how this deal will go over.

Fun fact: I wrote about the five-year anniversary of Andy Pettitte coming out of retirement last March. I would very much like to do that again.

We’re just getting the band back together now.

Let’s go! Baseball immortality in the Bronx is 2018 — mark it down.

This is too true to be good.

We have reached peak bleak.

Conversely, the Yankees may never lose again.

Please let this happen. I mean, how many home runs can the Royals possibly hit this year?

Speaking of the Royals, remember when they commandeered the All-Star Game a few years ago? The Yankees should do that now. Vote early and vote often, folks.

I asked for bold predictions. This is CLEARLY going to happen.

What do you think of these predictions? Do you have any of your own? Gaze into your crystal ball and tell us what you see in the comment section.