River Ave U's Opening Day Lineup (and Roster)

You would think this was MLB: The Show or Out of the Park Baseball, but it's not; the real Yankees lineup is filled top-to-bottom with more power than Indian Point. But the core of Judge, Bird, Sanchez, Gregorius, and NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton is only part of the equation.

Judging both from Boone's lineups so far and how I believe the position competitions will play out, here is what I predict the Yankees' Opening Day lineup will be:

LF Brett Gardner

RF Aaron Judge

DH Giancarlo Stanton

1B Greg Bird

C Gary Sanchez

SS Didi Gregorius

CF Aaron Hicks

3B Miguel Andujar

2B Tyler Wade

Of course, a few things to unpack here. First, and most notably, I have Andujar and Wade winning the 2B and 3B jobs, respectively; however, I do not have them winning outright - I believe both will split time rather extensively with Brandon Drury, taking advantage of his ability to play both positions. Additionally, I would hope that splitting playing time - just as I would have Stanton and Judge split RF and DH duty, with others cycling in - would keep everybody as healthy as possible.

As for the rest of the lineup, it is pretty standard. Boone has had Judge batting second almost exclusively, so I figure that is where he will be, while I think he will ultimately plug Bird in there before Sanchez to split up the lefty/righty matchup and hopefully give Bird more pitches to hit (I do think, if Bird falters like he did at the beginning of last season, the two will be flipped in the order fairly quickly). Last year's cleanup hitter Didi Gregorius will be hitting 6th, while Hicks, Andujar, and Wade round out the order, batting in the order that they typically have appeared in the lineup.

Rounding out the position players, I expect to see Drury, Jacoby Ellsbury, Austin Romine, and Ronald Torreyes, which means Torres and Frazier get sent back down to Scranton. Torres has clearly shown that he needs to shake off the rust in the minors, while Frazier is simply hit by the numbers crunch; expect him to be the first person called up in the event of an injury to any of the outfielders.

The pitching rotation, unsurprisingly, will likely be as follows:

Masahiro Tanaka

Luis Severino

Sonny Gray

CC Sabathia

Jordan Montgomery

The only point of contention here is whether or not Severino should get the nod on Opening Day; while he certainly deserves it, i would rather keep him out of the spotlight that Opening Day unfortunately invites.

The bullpen will be filled with Aroldis Chapman, Dellin Betances, David Robertson, Tommy Kahnle, Chad Green, Adam Warren, and [Scranton shutle position]. It does not really matter which of the myriad of relievers such as Jonathan Holder and Ben Heller makes the Opening Day roster; they will all get their turn.

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