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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 3/4/18

Miguel Andujar remains hot; Greg Bird focusing on health for Opening Day; Sir Didi Gregorius becoming a clubhouse leader; Luis Severino looking sharp; Aaron Boone and Alex Cora ready for rivalry

MLB: Spring Training-New York Yankees at Philadelphia Phillies
I’m a Fandujar
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports | Mike Petriello: I must warn you now. Today’s depository of links do not at all include Aaron Judge or Giancarlo Stanton. Please don’t leave. We have Miguel Andujar news. Andujar is currently the talk of the spring, at least around the pinstriped parts of it. He is currently swinging the hottest bat possible. As you know, the questions involve his glove. Until we figure out how that’s going, let’s just enjoy the sweet sweet offense.

Newsday | Erik Boland: Speaking of sweet sweet offense, Greg Bird. It’s not as sweet as Andujar, but it’s still only the beginning of March. Bird is mainly focused on making sure he’s healthy for Opening Day. Wise motives, Bird. We’re soon approaching that key part of spring training when we simple hope they make it to Day 1 unscathed. Heck, we might already be there. | Maureen Mullen: The Yankees are young and looking to stay young forever. Who isn’t, really? It’s hard to imagine that Sir Didi Gregorius is the elder statesman of the infield. We have seen photos of Didi and Gleyber getting along well. Our beloved Twitter knight is making sure to talk to all the young guys. It’s nice to see Didi taking on more of a leadership role. It suits him.

New York Post | Mike Vaccaro: With all the talk of the incredible offensive potential and rookie competition, it seems like we’re ignoring Luis Severino. By we, I mean you. I’m certainly not. Shame on all of you, really. Severino had an incredible 2017 and it’s going to fun to see if he can surpass that this year. His workout went well yesterday, so much so that you could hear it. Give this one a read. | Ian Browne: The New York Yankees. The Boston Red Sox. You may have seen these two teams face one another once or twice. Or nineteen thousand times. This year, the rivalry will have two new managers squaring off against one another. Aaron Boone and Alex Cora’s time together at ESPN will have probably prepared them for watching a 4-hour game between the two clubs.