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Yankees 2018 promotional and giveaway schedule

Find out when you can get your hands on an Aaron Judge bobblehead.

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The start of the regular season is just a few weeks away, and the Yankees have released their promotional giveaway schedule. What could be better than baseball and free stuff? Check out the following partial list of promotions so that you can plan accordingly.


Last year, the Yankees gave out four collectible bobbleheads, including a Gary Sanchez one. They’ll give out a whopping five this year.

Monday, April 23rd vs. Minnesota - David Wells
Friday, May 4th vs. Cleveland - Aaron Judge
Thursday, June 14th vs. Tampa Bay - Ron Guidry
Friday, July 27th vs. Kansas City - CC Sabathia
Friday, August 31st vs. Detroit - Brett Gardner

Each bobblehead will be available to the first 18,000 guests in attendance. The Yankees haven’t released preview images of all of these bobbleheads yet. The Judge one (pictured below) is Star Wars themed, which is fitting for a May 4th giveaway. It looks like the David Wells bobblehead will depict his perfect game.

They don’t always do a good job capturing the player’s likeness, but this does look like Judge.

Stuff for the kiddos

The Yankees always give out some cool stuff to the 14 and under crowd. On May 14th, the first 10,000 kids under 14 will get a Didi Gregorius replica bat. During MLB Play Ball weekend on May 27th, they will give away a Yankees arm sleeve, whatever that is. There is usually some sort of plush item up for grabs, and this year it will be a plush whistle on June 21st.

Keeping up with tradition, the team will continue W.B. Mason Collectible Truck day by giving away the 14th truck in the series on July 29th. Kids can nab a free poster on August 16th, and 1998 World Series replica rings will available on August 19th.

Household items

Planning to attend the home opener? The Yankees will give away a magnetic schedule to all guests on April 2nd. If you need both a schedule and a calendar to keep track of games, then you’re in luck. You can pick up a Yankees calendar on April 8th. On April 21st, fans can grab a tote bag.

Just like last year, the Yankees will give away another freezer mug on May 25th. If you need help in the dishware department, you may want to attend the Yankees-Rangers game on August 10th. The first 25,000 guests will receive a collectible cup.


The Yankees will give away a camo cap to the first 18,000 guests in attendance on July 28th. Regular caps can be picked up on August 15th.

Special events

Sunday, June 17th - Old Timer’s Day
Saturday, August 18th - 1998 20th Anniversary Celebration

Over the past few seasons, the Yankees have had a ton of special events to honor former players, retire numbers, and reveal plaques. It appears that they will have a pre-game celebration for the 20th anniversary of the 1998 championship team in August, but nothing else is on the books yet. Maybe the team is finally good enough that they don’t have to push special events in an effort to sell tickets.

Are you looking forward to any of these giveaways or events?