Just when we need Clint Frazier...

Well, just when we think we have a logjam, we end up needing more Outfielders. Jacoby Ellsbury and Aaron Hicks are both out with injury. With all the talk of Frazier being blocked. With all the talk of him having his best value as a trade piece. As soon as he gets an opportunity to prove it all wrong, he is injured. I just feel really bad for him. I know he has got to be frustrated with his concussion. And I know it’s gotta suck that his team finally needs him and he can’t be there for them.

I have a lot of high hopes for Frazier. I think he is our future Left Fielder. But he can’t keep missing opportunities like this. Instead of calling him up, we have to call up Bill McKinney. Nothing against McKinney, but I’d rather see Frazier getting opportunities. I wish the best for Frazier. I hope that we ditch Ellsbury, and maybe another injury happens and he can get more opportunities this season. I really hope that happens for him.

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