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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 3/31/18

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Masahiro Tanaka opens up the season with a strong start; Giancarlo has brought his adjusted stance to the Yankees; Sterling keeping Italian HR call for Stanton; Aaron Judge could play CF; Aaron Judge is a marketable player; Drury doing well so far

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
You didn’t forget about me, did you?
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images | Bryan Hoch: We’re only two games into the season. I’ve decided to speak for everyone when I say that the Yankees are thus far pretty fun to watch. Masahiro Tanaka was Masahiro Tanaka in yesterday’s game. Six innings, one run, struck out eight, and adjusted when he needed to. Tanaka could have gone even further. On the other hand, it’s not even April, baseball is a war of attrition, and the Yankees have one of the best bullpens in the league. The important thing is that the Yankees are 2-0 to begin the year.

Fangraphs | Travis Sawchik: Giancarlo Stanton is a Yankee, and that’s pretty neat. His 2nd game in the road grays did not go as wonderfully as the first. It still seems like everything is going well so far. Stanton’s swing is still of NL MVP caliber. This article takes a look at exactly that. Feel free to give it a read.

Newsday | Neil Best: Speaking of Stanton, the sports world was abuzz once we all found out what John Sterling’s HR call for Stanton would be. He had hinted that it would be in Italian and rhyme. Which it did. Not many people seemed to like it, for numerous reasons. John Sterling is still going to use it though because John Sterling is above your complaints about his punnery. Honestly, I admire the conviction. | Bryan Hoch: It’s good to have outfield depth. Yesterday, Aaron Hicks was placed on the 10-day DL due to a strained right intercostal muscle. Brett Gardner, as gritty and gutty as ever, took over his CF duties. However, Gardner will need time off every now and then. Aaron Boone stated that Aaron Judge might take over for Aaron Hicks in center. Judge seemed perfectly okay with that. I’m okay with it. Are you?

Newsday | Neil Best: Speaking of Aaron Judge, this Aaron Judge article is brought to you by Newsday. It would appear that Aaron Judge has become a household name due to his incredible rookie season. There’s also one thing to do, in that case. Marketing marketing marketing. From ESPN ads to his new deal with Adidas, companies out there cannot wait to use our big beefy baseball boy for their own capitalistic means. | Bryan Hoch: It was a big game for the lower half of the Yankees’ lineup on Friday. Brandon Drury put on his “proving Cashman right” pants and drove in some runs. Sir Didi Gregorius also had a nice day with a triple and a double. Are there any other infielders the Diamondbacks would like to trade us? Oh, and Tyler Wade is good.

Didi Victory Tweet

Yankees are now in sole possession of first place, because that absolutely matters right now.