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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 3/29/18

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Luis Severino hopes to build on his incredible 2017 season; a detailed look at how Brian Cashman build this team; Aaron Judge still has Opening Day nerves; a look at how Aaron Boone got the job; YANKEES BASEBALL IS BACK

MLB: Spring Training-Miami Marlins at New York Yankees
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Newsday | Erik Boland: Last year, Luis Severino was only behind Corey Kluber and Chris Sale for the American League Cy Young award. This came after his abysmal 2016 season Now it’s Opening Day and Luis Severino has moved from the #3 or #4 starter to the Yankees’ #1. It would not be wrong to consider him their ace. The question is if he can build upon his stellar 2017 season. I’m ready to find out. Sevy takes the mound later today, because IT’S OPENING DAY BAY-BEE!!!

Baseball America | Josh Norris: The Yankees have one of the most fearsome teams in the majors this year. It’s a fun reminder that last year was a “rebuilding” year for them. Other teams had to tank and be bad for a long time in order to build a potential World Series contender. The Yankees did not. Josh Norris takes a look at why that is, along with much more. Please give this one a read. It will not disappoint. | Bryan Hoch: Also in 2017, Aaron Judge. You know, THAT Aaron Judge. The 2017 AL Rookie of the Year winner. The almost AL MVP winner. Yeah, that guy. He’s pretty cool. This year will be his sophmore season. Judge recalls Opening Day last year and how he was nervous. He’s still nervous, even after last year’s accolades. I guess it never really goes away. Can Judge top last year? I think the answer is yes.

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: There’s a new Aaron in town to join Aaron Judge and Aaron Hicks. This Aaron is an older Aaron, a heroic Aaron. Aaron Boone was hired to replace Joe Girardi as the new Yankees manager. This post details a lot of the process that went into hiring Boone in the first place. Let’s just say, he had a really incredible interview. Definitely worth a look. | David Schoenfield: It’s good to be back, ladies and gentlemen. I’m not just talking about baseball, but that glorious feeling of being the villain. The Evil Empire has returned. Well, maybe not yet. They still need to win. Either way, the Yankees have built a juggernaut of a team and farm system that will probably take them far for a while. Oh, and they also have Giancarlo Stanton now. Like the song says, they’re gonna learn to fear the Yankees.