How I Became A Yankees Fan

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First, as much as it pains me to admit, I was not always a Yankees fan. I was never a Yankees hater, but being raised primarily in Dallas, Texas I grew up a Rangers follower...mainly due to going to a game with my father & of course Nolan Ryan.

Fast forward 28 years & I had fallen into the modern world so things had to be faster or it lost my interest. Thus, baseball had lost its flair to me. I began to have dreams (literally) of New York without ever visiting in person. Out of nowhere I had a great desire to move to New York. I’ll skip the million other factors including a life-changing experience with God for time’s sake, but New York never seemed to leave my mind. I finally set out to visit New York with my wife as a scouting it out vacation. Loved it. I loved the grit. I loved the glamor. I loved the graffiti. I loved the class. I loved the old & new. On a whim we’d decided to visit the 9-11 memorial, but just before we went I had this great desire to get the greatest symbol of New York that I could think of, a New York Yankees ball cap. I found a store & bought one. We then continued to the 9-11 memorial with required tickets back in those days. I didn’t know that factoid. So I get there & they ask for the ticket & I say I didn’t know they were necessary. The officer with his glorious, pure New York accent told me since I was a Yankees fan he’d escort me himself to the front of the line & let my wife & I in. The memorial was sobering. The kindness I experienced from random New Yorkers that week won me over. I came back to Texas wearing the enemies ball cap & never took it off.

Years later we just knew it was time & we moved to the Bronx. Wearing that old Yankees cap out, I now own every color of a Yankees cap, but now it’s more than just a cap or a symbol. I do love anything New York after living here for a few years now, but watching the Yankees go so far last year was amazing. I found myself really enjoying the classic game of baseball like I was a little boy with my father again. I took my girls to minor league games. We all watched the 2017 playoff games together & rooted for a team we loved watching play. My wife even called me on a business trip out of town just to watch the game together on the phone.

So in conclusion, I’m not sure when I became a "real" Yankees fan, but I know deep down that it’s something unchangeable now. It’s been a process, yes, but now I boldly wear my Yankees gear everywhere...even when I take flak for it on Texas family visits. Everyone knows - I love this city. I love this team.

Go Yankees,

David J

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