How I Became A Yankees Fan

I grew up a Mets fan in the late '60s (c. 1966 or '67) & early '70s. I had a Mets uniform, attended the team's very first bat day (I received a Greg Goosen model, ugh) & mail-ordered a Mets batting helmet from Manny's Baseball Land, which was located across the street from (the original) Yankee Stadium.

Sometime during 1971 or 72, an older friend (by a few years) saw my helmet, pointed-out that the color was too dark & revealed that it was, in fact, a Yankees helmet with a Mets sticker on it! He then peeled-off the Mets sticker & applied a Yankees decal.

Since that very day, some 45 & a half years years ago, at Irwin Park, in Springfield, NJ, I've been a Yankees' fan.

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