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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 3/24/18

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Gary Sanchez has worked hard on his catching this spring; Aaron Judge could bat leadoff against LHPs this year; Brandon Drury’s x-rays came back negative; Greg Bird perfects his Roll Call salute in new ad; YES Network finally unveils the nine-person booth

MLB: Spring Training-Pittsburgh Pirates at New York Yankees
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The New York Times | Billy Witz: Gary Sanchez is a pretty good catcher. He very well might be the most impressive catcher in the league. Obviously we all know about the issues he had last season with the passed balls. The Kraken has been working hard on improving that aspect of his game. This article gives a bit of insight into his catching, from his incredible arm strength to his routines. Give this a read. | Corey Harvey: Yesterday, a lot of Yankee fans woke up to a surprise. No, not freshly baked muffins waiting for them. It was actually Aaron Judge, batting leadoff for the New York Yankees. Aaron Boone has been thinking about having Judge leadoff against left-handed pitching for some time now, and yesterday gave him a chance to try it out. We could be seeing more of it in the future. Again, Judge walks a lot. Oh, and he’s a pretty solid hitter. It’s definitely not the worst of ideas. | Pete Caldera: March 23rd was not a great day for baseball fans across the league. Madison Bumgarner wound up with a fractured hand. Ichiro Suzuki got hit in the helmet. On our side, Brandon Drury was hit in the elbow and taken out of the game. Thankfully, the X-Rays came back negative and he is day-to-day. Boone said that Tyler Wade, Neil Walker, or Ronald Torreyes could cover third base if Drury were to miss any time.

Cut4 | Chris Landers: It has been a week filled with Yankee ads. They may have saved the best for last. Greg Bird decided to perfect his Roll Call salute and well, the results are simply magical.


New York Post | Justin Terranova: The Greg Bird ad wasn’t the only one released yesterday. The YES Network crew has been teasing the #9PersonBooth for a while. They finally delivered.

It was quite a day.