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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 3/21/18

Wade makes the roster; How Stanton became a Yankee; Health is the only concern for this team; Darvish wasn’t really an option

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Sorry, I’m not sorry
Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for D'USSE | Bryan Hoch: Congrats to all you Tyler Wade fans and all you Tyler Wades out there. Tyler Wade will head north with the Yankees, announced Aaron Boone. After working with Albert Pujols over the winter, Wade came to play this spring and has done nothing but hit. The Yankees also signed Neil Walker but the way Wade’s been playing it’d been hard to explain why he didn’t make the roster. Boone doesn’t envision either as the “starting” second baseman, necessarily, but rather sees them both getting regular playing time.

Sports Illustrated | Ben Reiter: Giancarlo Stanton is a Yankee now. Let that soak in. I know. Crazy, right? Believe it or not, he’s been a Yankee since December. This is a pretty good read about how it all became reality. Stanton talks about how he wouldn’t let Derek Jeter and company force him into a situation he didn’t like. Aaron Boone has a good line in here about his first day on the job and it ends with Stanton taking a dig at the Marlins dinger machine. I love Stanton, but he is wrong and the dinger machine is awesome.

New York Times | Tyler Kepner: Opening Day is just over a week away and the Yankees have a lot to decide between now and then. Oh wait, they don’t. Besides health, which is a universal problem, the Yankees don’t really have much to worry about. And now that this article exists, someone please go wrap Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez and David Robertson in bubblewrap while I go knock on all the wood. Please and thank you.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: If the Yankees didn’t get Stanton this winter, it’s interesting to wonder where the Yankees would have set their sights. One possibility is that they would’ve pursued Yu Darvish more aggressively as pitching was their #1 priority, but the length of the contract and injury history still would’ve given them pause. The Yankees did offer Clint Frazier for Gerrit Cole to the Pirates, but they preferred the deal they got from the Astros. They were reportedly also interested in Danny Salazar from Cleveland’s Baseball Team.

To end, here’s the second new Yankee commercial of the year:

This is really terrible, but in a so bad it’s good kind of way? At least David Robertson and Chad Green’s parts were good.