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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 3/20/18

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Yankees and Red Sox may take rivalry to London for two games in 2019; Jacoby Ellsbury will not be ready for Opening Day; A-Rod arrives at Yankees’ camp; Aaron Boone says front office will not dictate lineup; first Yankee commercial of the season released

Thousands Gather In London To Ring In 2018 With Firework Celebrations
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Newsday | Erik Boland: Now war is declared and battle come down. The Yankees and Red Sox may be taking the rivalry across the Atlantic in 2019. The two teams are nearing an agreement to play a 2-game series in London, England. Aaron Boone likes the idea and hopes the Queen can attend. I wonder if the Yankees would be allowed to bring Reggie Jackson. The announcement for this will probably not come for a couple of months, so we shall keep you updated. | Bryan Hoch: In shocking news, Jacoby Ellsbury will not be ready for Opening Day. Boone said that there’s no way Ellsbury would get enough at-bats in time to be ready. It was highly unlikely that Ellsbury was going to win the starting CF job over Aaron Hicks, but yeah. Now the new manager will have to decide how to fill the extra spot. They could go with an extra position player or pitcher. Or they could just bring me. Just a thought. | Pete Caldera: Alex Rodriguez has arrived in Tampa. The former Yankee 3rd baseman and current ESPN co-host, Shark Tank co-host, and Back in the Game show host is back in his other role as special adviser to Hal Steinbrenner. A-Rod described the Yankees’ current talent as “breathtaking.” He’s not wrong. A-Rod also let Hal know that he’d love to be a Yankee for life. Hal doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. Hal-Rod is on.

New York Post | George A. King III: There’s been a lot of talk lately about how front offices are the new managers of baseball. They want managers they have more control over. Well, Aaron Boone is having none of that. He told Brian Cashman “You can dictate how I write this lineup when YOU hit a legendary home run in Game 7 of the ALCS!” I have no proof Boone said this, but I have no proof that he didn’t say this either. Lots of other questions in here as well. Give it a read.

Finally, it’s new commercial time! Here is the first of 2018.

Oh Toe.