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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 3/13/18

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Neil Walker signs with Yankees for 1-year, $4 million; Gleyber Torres likely to start season in Triple-A; Gary Sanchez set to have break out year; Yankees are not interested in Alex Cobb; Ken Singleton is retiring after the 2018 season

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Milwaukee Brewers
You will Neil!
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports | Bryan Hoch: We haven’t quite reached the regular season yet. This offseason/pre-season of fanpost trade/FA signing suggestions rolls onward. Yesterday, the Yankees signed Neil Walker to a 1-year, $4 million dollar deal. The signing of Neil Walker helps solidify the infield, as well as essentially end the second base competition this year. Of course, Brian Cashman said that Walker is not guaranteed the starter’s role, but we’ll see. What a crazy market this is. To make room for Walker, Jake Cave was DFA’d and Danny Espinosa was released.

Newsday | Anthony Rieber: With the addition of Walker comes the most likely subtraction of Gleyber Torres. While he pushed hard to break camp with the big league team, all signs point to him starting the season at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. As mentioned in a previous link dump, Marcus Thames had mentioned that Torres might be pushing too hard and needs to just get his swing back. With Walker signed and Tyler Wade performing well, Gleyber can focus on Gleyber.

WFAN | Sweeny Murti: Gary Sanchez has been getting a lot of praise this pre-season, and rightfully so. According to sources, and by sources I mean everyone, Sanchez is working hard at both his offense and his defense. His teammates, the coaches, and more think that he is really going to break out this year. You know, because a catcher who hits 33 home runs in a season hasn’t quite reached his final form yet. I’m excited about the Kraken and you should be as well. Read this.

New York Daily News | Peter Botte: It’s a mad mad mad mad market right now. Players are signing for insanely minuscule deals. Earlier in the offseason, Brian Cashman mentioned his desire to acquire another starting pitcher. Alex Cobb is available and, judging by everything we’ve seen, could probably be signed for cheap. It doesn’t look like that is happening, as Cashman has said that they don’t have any interest in him. Some team should probably sign him though. Again, what a crazy market. | Matt Kelly: Finally, some sad news. This season will apparently be Ken Singleton’s last season in the YES Booth. The long time Yankee broadcaster will be retiring at season’s end. Ken Singleton has been broadcasting Yankee games since 1997, during their time on the MSG Network. From his subtle yet excellent “THIS ONE IS GONE” home run call to the best “CALLED. STRIKE THREE” in broadcasting history, Singleton will be greatly missed.