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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 3/1/18

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Gary Sanchez reminds us that he can hit dingers as well; Gleyber Torres makes some bad and great plays on defense; there is little wrong with Andujar’s bat; Aaron Judge is always looking to improve; Clint Frazier gets advice from Russell Wilson regarding his concussion

MLB: New York Yankees-Workouts
Same, Gary. Same.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports | Bryan Hoch: The talk of this offseason and spring training has definitely been about Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Have you heard that Stanton is a Yankee? It’s pretty cool. Yesterday, they appeared in the same lineup for the first time of the spring. They were not the topic of discussion after the game ended though. No no, people needed to talk about Gary Sanchez and what he did.

We all know that Judge hit a 495ft dinger last year, which was the furthest. The second furthest was 493ft, hit by the Kraken. Listen to that sound. It’s a reminder not to sleep on what he can do in a full season. He is Gary. We are Gary.

Newsday | Erik Boland: As you well know, Gleyber Torres is competing for a spot on the Opening Day roster. His defense was on display yesterday, both the bad and the good. The bad was an errant flip to Sir Didi that would wind up leading to a dinger. The good were a couple of nice defensive plays and seeing how he bounced back after his error. Still plenty of spring training left though. | Andrew Simon: Meanwhile, at third base, Miguel Andujar is making his presence known. There does not seem to be anything wrong with his offense and this article has a good look at why. Unless you don’t like hearing about how good his bat is. That’d be weird.

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: Okay okay, let’s talk about Aaron Judge. It’s been a while after all. It was great to see him back in the lineup yesterday. His 2017 was simply a treasure to behold. The question on most fans’ mind is if he can repeat his Rookie of the Year/MVP-caliber performance. Or perhaps it’s the opposite. What if he actually improves on it? That’d be neat. | Bryan Hoch: Clint Frazier will be inactive for a while as the Yankees’ are following concussion protocols. Thankfully, he’s been getting advice from newest Yankees’ QB Russell Wilson. Wilson has been giving Red Thunder advice on certain techniques NFL players use to help. Here’s hoping it helps. Concussions are not anything to take lightly.