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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 2/7/18

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Sevy not concerned with workload, excited for 2018; Bird poised to break out; D-Rob okay with any role; Beltran turned down FO role; Posada defends Jeter and shows RE2PECT; Gates opening 3 hours early for ST games

2nd Annual Pedro Martinez Charity Gala
“I clean up well too”
Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images for Pedro Martinez Charity

Newsday | Erik Boland: After a dominant season in which he finished 3rd in Cy Young voting, Luis Severino established himself as the Yankees’ ace last season. This season he’s excited to pick up where he left off and is focusing on his game. He also isn’t concerned about the workload increase, as he had upped his workout schedule last winter anticipating the innings bump and did the same workout this year. He also worked with Pedro Martinez on his mechanics for the second year in a row. | David Adler: CA-CAW! Have you heard? Oh have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard. Oh well, Greg Bird Bird Bird, Bird is the Word. Greg Bird is the Word! The end of the 2017 season gave Yankee fans a glimpse of what they saw in 2015. A very dangerous, middle-of-the-order bat courtesy of Greg Bird. Bird is poised to breakout this season, and add to an already potent lineup that includes Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge, and Giancarlo Stanton, who is now a Yankee. CA-CAW! | Pete Caldera: David Robertson is just the best. I love him. Neither of those sentences are really news, but I just like saying them. Robertson asked pitching coach Larry Rothschild about his role this season and Rothschild said “we’ll see,” to which Robertson responded “great.” Not sarcastically, either. Robertson is happy to pitch wherever he is needed and doesn’t need a designated inning or title. Robertson was honored for his High Socks for Hope charity at the 38th annual Thurman Munson awards dinner.

Newsday | Roger Rubin: Carlos Beltran and Jorge Posada were also honored at the Thurman Munson awards dinner. Both Beltran and Posada weighed in on their thoughts about the offseason and expressed concern. Beltran also revealed that after Aaron Boone got the manager job, Brian Cashman offered him a role in the Yankee front office, which Beltran declined. He wanted to take a year off “to miss the game,” but the manager gig was intriguing enough to have changed his mind. He’s open to talking to the team again next year about a potential role.

Newsday | Roger Rubin: Speaking at the awards dinner, Jorge Posada also took a minute to pay RE2PECT and defend his buddy, Derek Jeter. Jeter, CEO of the Marlin2, has received a lot of criticism and bad publicity for his tear down of the Marlins organization and the way he’s gone about his job. Posada basically said Marlins fans should go the way of 76ers fans and trust the process. Posada also said that he’d accept a role with the Marlins, if offered, but probably not as a manager or coach since he doesn’t want to travel that much. | Bryan Hoch: If you’re planning on attending any spring training games this year, do I have news for you. The Yankees announced that they will be opening gates at Steinbrenner Field for Grapefruit League games three hours early. This will allow fans to come in and watch Stanton, Judge, and co. take batting practice and take home some potential souvenirs. Think of all the TVs you could save by arriving early and catching the batting practice dongs.