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BreakingT celebrates the return of David Robertson with a bullpen cart shirt

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Grab one in time for spring training games!

One of the best parts of last season had to be David Robertson’s triumphant return home. After spending two and a half seasons with the White Sox, D-Rob stepped right back into the Yankees’ bullpen. He pitched better than ever and played a huge role in the Bombers’ postseason success.

Speaking of important returns, baseball could turn back the clocks for every team’s relief corps. In an attempt to speed up the pace of play, bullpen carts have been on the table in recent discussions. Everyone loves a comeback story, right?

This combination is just asking for a t-shirt, and our friends at BreakingT have you covered just in time for spring training.

BreakingT shirts are MLBPA licensed, comfortable, and made in the USA. You can order your David Robertson bullpen cart shirt by clicking here. Get yours today before the spring training action unfolds!