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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 2/16/18

Yankees release promotions schedule; CC Sabathia looks to be a leader in the clubhouse, praises Boone; Yankees are positioning themselves to get Machado; Boone is excited to see what Miguel Andujar can do

MLB: New York Yankees-Workouts
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Cut4 | Eric Chesterton: The Yankees promotional schedule for 2018 was released yesterday. One thing the Yankees immediately let their fans know was that Aaron Judge would have a Star Wars themed bobblehead on May 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars day.

Is this the most important news story of the dump? Probably not. But, in many ways, it is! Especially when your link dumper is a nerd. | Bryan Hoch: CC Sabathia, one of the hosts of the R2C2 podcast, will once again be taking the mound for the Yankees this season. CC will most likely be a leader in the clubhouse, someone that the younger players can come when they need advice or veteran presents. Sabathia also recalled his time playing with Aaron Boone in Cleveland, stating that he always thought Boone had the mind of the manager. Lots of good stuff in here. Praise be.

FanRag | Jon Heyman: Manny Machado. He is a free agent after this season. Many teams will want to acquire his services. The Yankees are seemingly one of those teams. One of the rumored reasons they did not offer Todd Frazier more than a year is due to their Machado dreams. They will undoubtedly have some competition for him, but with the crowded outfield, they might be targeting him over Bryce Harper. We’ll see.

Newsday | Erik Boland: Another thing that could affect their Machado chase is how well Miguel Andujar does at the position this year. First things first. Andujar still has to win the position out of spring training. Aaron Boone is excited to see what he can do in the coming weeks. The new Yankee manager has great faith in his offense. The defense remains to be seen.