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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 2/13/18

Yankees OF has depth and power; Aaron Boone ready to get to work; Stanton and AJ Ramos of Mets looking for a place together; Jordan Montgomery plans to work on changeup this spring; former Yankee Esteban Loaiza arrested for possession of narcotics; Goose Gossage still Goose Gossage

Giancarlo Stanton Introduced as New York Yankee
Oh hey there. I am happy to see you. | Bryan Hoch: Lemme just immediate open this link dump with a bit from the article, because it’s a pleasure to read.

Aaron Boone was walking the hallways of Yankee Stadium this past December, preparing to interview a potential member of his coaching staff, when general manager Brian Cashman summoned the rookie manager to his office. The latest gossip was too juicy not to share.

”’I think we might be getting Giancarlo. Something came together overnight,’” Boone recalled Cashman saying. “You add the National League MVP to what we feel like is already a very strong lineup, the possibilities start to run through your head of what that could look like.”

“I think we might be getting Giancarlo” is one of the best statements of the offseason. The Yankees managed to add Giancarlo Stanton to their outfield power and depth, which is among the best in the majors. Aaron Judge and Stanton will try out left field this spring. Jacoby Ellsbury and Aaron Hicks will compete for the starting center fielder job. Brett Gardner will remain his gritty, gutty self. | Bryan Hoch: It’s clear that Aaron Boone is being handed a pretty good squad. Now it is his time to shine. Boone has a busy week ahead of him. Pitchers and catchers report today and Boone is scheduled to hold a press conference today at noon. Tomorrow, he’ll speak to the team for the first time. Again, I’m 100% convinced his advice can & should be “Look, just hit a legendary home run and everything will be fine!”

New York Daily News | Peter Botte: Giancarlo Stanton needs a place to live in NYC. It looks like he might be moving in with former Marlin teammate and current New York Mets’ reliever AJ Ramos. The two of them remain close friends to this day, so much so that AJ is thinking of some playful pranks during the Subway Series. Ramos also thinks that Stanton will “burp” dingers out of Yankee Stadium. I’m absolutely okay with that.

Newsday | Erik Boland: If the Yankees are indeed done making moves this offseason, Jordan Montgomery is most likely the fifth starter. That’s not a bad thing at all. Montgomery led all rookie pitchers with strikeouts in 2017. You know who didn’t think he had a good 2017 season? Jordan Montgomery. Gumby laments his lack of adjustments and abandonment of his changeup. That pitch will be a priority for him this spring.

New York Daily News | Jon Healy: Finally, former Yankee legend Esteban Loaiza was arrested on Friday. Apparently, he was found with 44 pounds of cocaine. There’s, um, not much more I can add to this. Click the link if you want to find out more.

Yep. There’s nothing else to talk about....

Newsday | David Lennon: Okay okay. FINE. There’s also stuff about Goose Gossage being Goose Gossage. Read if you like, but I’m pretty much done paying attention to him. Jason Cohen will have more on this later.