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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 2/12/18

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Cone likes Wade; Starting pitching search continues; Gardner talks about upcoming season

New York Mets v. New York Yankees
This is Tyler Wade. Trust me.

New York Post | Dan Martin: One of the biggest conversation points this offseason has been about who is going to play second and third base. After trading away Starlin Castro and Chase Headley, the answer isn’t exactly clear. The obvious answers are Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar, but the choices aren’t limited to just them two. David Cone, who loves us here at PSA, says “don’t sleep on Tyler Wade” just yet. Even though Wade failed to excite last year, let’s remember that was just a small sample size.

CBS Sports | R.J. Anderson: Even though the Yankees “lost out” (didn’t really try?) on Yu Darvish, they’re still in the market for starting pitching help. The Yankees are said to be checking out the markets for free agent Lance Lynn and Jake Odorizzi of the Rays as a potential trade target. Both profile as mid-rotation arms, though Lynn seems to be more of a fit than Odorizzi considering the latter’s flyball tendencies.