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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 12/8/18

Come hang out with a weekend open thread.

American League Wild Card Game - Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

We’re just counting down the days now until the MLB Winter Meetings, and the next deluge of offseason moves. It’s always an interesting spot on the baseball calendar, and with any luck, the Yankees will be highly active in the coming days. We will, of course, have you covered for all the hot stove action here at Pinstripe Alley.

Until then, enjoy a packed weekend of actual games involving other sports, with loaded slates for the NBA, NHL, and, tomorrow, the NFL lined up.

Question to discuss:

The Yankees are now likely turning to a bunch of over-30 free agents on the starting pitching market (e.g. Dallas Keuchel, J.A. Happ, Charlie Morton). Of them, who do you think will have the best season just in 2019?