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The Yankees free agency holiday gift guide

Here’s what you and the Yankees may be unwrapping this year.

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We are now well into December, and holiday gift season is in full-swing. The vast majority of Everywhere you look, you’ll see commercials and ads for Christmas-themed gifts for sale this season.

We also happen to be right in the middle of free agency season in baseball. We’ve already seen Patrick Corbin and others go off the board, but many of the big names are still available. As you’re making your lists for what you would like or what you’re planning to give to others, the Yankees are making their decisions as well.

With that in mind, here is a Yankee/holiday gift guide for this month.

Bryce Harper is a video game system

Are they the most necessary thing in the world? No. The Yankees have several good outfielders on their roster. Some people would think either one are a waste of money. Once you get them out of the box and get them going, however, anyone can have some fun and enjoy themselves.

Manny Machado is the newest iPhone/smartphone

Sure, you like your current phone just fine. It’s not perfect, but it’s good. Oh boy is it tempting to get the newest model, though. Not only is it fancy, it would be quite useful.

J.A. Happ is socks

You might feel a slight twinge of disappointment when you open up socks, but everyone needs them. They might end up being a cheap pack and get holes in the bottom pretty quickly. If that’s the case, it’s annoying, but it’s not the end of the world. Just go get another pack of socks.

David Robertson is underwear

Another non-flashy but important gift. Because he’s been around for so long (yes, he left in free agency one before, but Robertson has spent nine seasons as a Yankees), Robertson’s been taken for granted a bit. However, like underwear. if Robertson wasn’t there and something went wrong, you would really notice. You’re not gonna freak out when you unwrap underwear, but you’ll give a polite head nod to whoever got them for you, because you know they’re important.

Adam Ottavino and Zach Britton are gift cards

Lots of people make jokes about gift cards being the result of a lack of consideration on what to get someone. If the Yankees only come back from free agency with, say, only Zach Britton, that’s going to feel a little annoying. That being said, don’t mistake gift cards for bad gifts. Gift cards still rule.

Andrew Miller is your favorite toy from childhood

You loved this toy as a child, and hey! It’s retro now and being sold again. You buy it for your child, or maybe a cousin, niece or nephew. A couple days after buying it, you start to wonder if it was as good as you remember, and worry if they’ll like it. It still might be good, but no guarantees.

Matt Harvey is a dollhouse that comes in a million pieces

I guess maybe you could make something out of it. However, assembly is required, and there’s a decent chance you’ll break it out of frustration after losing piece B-69, even though you’ve been very careful and organized.

Ervin Santana is a game of jacks

They still make them?

Boone Logan is a re-gift

It’s not for you, so why not give someone else a “treasured item” you were given?

Corey Kluber is a fancy car with a bow on it in a commercial

(I know he’s not a free agent, work with me here).

Theoretically possible, but you’re just watching the commercial and rolling your eyes, thinking “that does not happen that casually”.

Ryan Madson is a toy that’s been recalled for safety reasons

Technically still a gift.