Pitching Staff, Bullpen, Harper vs Machado

Winter meetings start this weekend and the hot stove will be at its peak. Cashman will definitely make a few significant moves, we just don’t know what those moves are quite yet. What we do know is that Sonny Gray will be delt, a starting pitcher will be signed, a relief arm or two are likely to be signed, and no one has very much insight on the Yankees interest in Harper or Machado.

1. The first order of business is trading Sonny Gray. I predict he will go back to the A’s for Chad Pinder (26 years old) and one or two low level minor leaguers. Pinder plays SS/2B/3B/OF. He hit .258 with a .332 OBP. He would average 21 home runs over a 162 game span. He’s an able replacement for Didi, a great guy off thr bench, and is controllable for 4 more years. Another name thrown around is Scooter Gennett, but I fear the Yankee would have to giv up a prospect for someone who only has 1 year on his contract.

2. I would hope the Yankees bring back Happ or sign Keuchel. I wouldn’t go over 3 years for Happ, 4 for Keuchel. Both are capable of pitching at a high level at the number 4 spot in the rotation

3. As for the bullpen, I would like to see the Yankees bring back Miller and sign Kelvin Herrera. I believe Miller would gladly return to New York. Neither would come cheap, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet

4. The Great Debate. Harper vs Machado. Nobody knows what the eff is happening. I believe the Yankees will sign Machado, but I would rather sign Harper. The Yankees are the home run. They can’t change their identity. Both are power hitters, but Harper has a much higher on base percentage and the lefty bat would make the lineup much harder to navigate around. Harper would bring swagger and emotion to the Yankees, I fear Machado would do the opposite.

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