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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/26/18

What the Padres could offer for Andujar; the Yankees should focus on Robertson and Britton now; Stanton hits baseballs extremely hard

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images | Brendan Kuty: Earlier this week we learned that the Padres covet Yankees third baseman Miguel Andujar. Kuty runs down why the Yankees might consider a deal with San Diego, as well as reasons to avoid it. He figures the Bombers would focus on the Padres’ top pitching prospects. The availability of Andujar on the trade market will likely define the early stages of 2019. It should be interesting!

New York Post | Dan Martin: The Yankees are stuck playing the waiting game as Manny Machado mulls over the most important decision of his career. They could pass the time playing Hungry Hungry Hippos, or they could make a play for one of the top free agent relievers on the market. David Robertson and Zach Britton remain on the market, and the Yankees sure could use one of them in the bullpen. | Mike Petriello: Tis the season for 2018 retrospectives, and has a collective of 10 jaw-dropping plays. Giancarlo Stanton made the list for the hardest hit ball of the season. For the Yankees fans who aren’t sold on Stanton, this clip shows why they should give him a chance in 2019.