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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/21/18

Harper a better fit than Machado?; Andujar could still have place on the team if Machado signs; Machado might want to be a Yankee but must “sacrifice”.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: The Yankees just met with Manny Machado, and he’s clearly on the team’s radar. Here, Davidoff runs down the pros and cons of signing Machado versus Bryce Harper. He concludes that Harper might be the better choice for the Yankees, thanks in no small part to the left-handed Harper’s fit at Yankee Stadium.

SNY | Chris Carelli: If the Yankees do reel in Machado, what to do with Miguel Andujar will become an obvious question. Andujar could become a primary trade chip, but there’s also an argument for keeping the youngster around. Whether Andujar improve defensively at third base or finds a home at DH, perhaps there would still be room for him on the team even if Machado came to New York.

New York Post | George A. King III: King writes about the mutual interest between Machado and the Yankees, and how the buzz is that Machado truly desires to be a Yankee. As has been usual this offseason, the framing again is that if Machado wants to make his wish come true, he will have to “sacrifice” and come down from his roughly 10-year, $300 million ask. One wonders whether MLB teams should be expected to sacrifice anything in order to to secure the services of 26-year-old superstar baseball players. | Bryan Hoch: Just days after finalizing his new contract with the Yankees, J.A. Happ answered a variety of questions on a conference call with beat reporters. The veteran left-hander held court on some interesting topics, including his experience in New York last year, his rough start against the Red Sox in the playoffs, and more.