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The Red Sox are up to something, unless they’re not

A cryptic tweet sent fans scrambling, but what exactly is going on?

Yankees v Red Sox Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It seems that every now and then, a person on the periphery of baseball comes through with an out-of-nowhere scoop. Last December it was Jim Leyrtiz who got ahead with the Giancarlo Stanton trade. Before that, news of the Jose Quintana trade surfaced on Reddit.

Is baseball preparing for another such lead? Fans of the Yankees and Red Sox sure think so, especially after Catherine Varitek got Twitter riled up with a cryptic post on Thursday evening.

Speculation went into overdrive. Did Boston sign David Robertson, whom they’ve target all offseason? How about Zach Britton? Did the Yankees reel in Manny Machado? The possibilities are limitless.

For what it’s worth, Catherine Varitek is married to Jason Varitek, the longtime Red Sox catcher. He has worked in Boston’s front office since 2012, and currently serves as a special assistant to Dave Dombrowski. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that she would have some insider information.

Right now it appears that Boston isn’t prepared to add a reliever, as they’re holding out for Craig Kimbrel. That’s what Mark Feinsand is reporting:

Nobody yet knows what Varitek was hinting at. It could be actual smoke, or it could be nothing. We’ll be following closely tonight, though, that’s for sure.