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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 12/12/18

Here’s your open thread for Wednesday night

MLB: Winter Meetings Daniel Clark-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be real, the Winter Meetings appear to have fallen flat this year. There some solid rumors, and an electric one about the proposed three-team trade, but other than that? Eh. The most exciting developments were Andrew McCutchen signing with the Phillies and the Rays landing Charlie Morton. That and the Yankees may or may not be signing J.A. Happ. We’ll collect any rumors as they develop in our Winter Meetings post.

Outside of baseball, the Knicks are playing the Cavaliers, while the Nets take on the 76ers. As for hockey, The Islanders in action against the Golden Knights. Feel free to talk about that or anything else in tonight’s open thread.

Fun Questions

  1. Have you finished your holiday shopping?
  2. Would you give J.A. Happ a third year?