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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/11/18

Cashman out on Harper, still in on Machado; Happ down to two suitors; D-Rob’s market heating up; Stanton gearing for better Year 2; CC promoting London Series

MLB: New York Yankees-Workouts
“Hey Dan, can I use some of my Delta miles on Manny?”
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports | Bryan Hoch: Bryce Harper in pinstripes dreams are all but dead at this point. Cashman addressed questions about Harper specifically and had the following to say:

“We don’t have an [infinite] amount of dollars to be playing with in any marketplace,” Cashman said. “We’re looking for a starter now; it was two, now it’s down to one. We’re looking for, how do we address the loss of [shortstop] Didi Gregorius? And we’re looking for our bullpen. At no time all winter have I said that I’m looking for an outfielder. The Harper stuff, I’m surprised you’re still asking.”

Asked specifically about Harper, Cashman rattled off the names of six outfielders currently on the club’s roster (Jacoby Ellsbury, Clint Frazier, Brett Gardner, Aaron Hicks, Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton), then indicated that the Yankees do not believe that playing Harper at first base would be a workable option. New York is prepared to enter 2019 with Luke Voit as the starter at first base and Greg Bird as a backup.

”We covered this earlier in the wintertime,” Cashman said. “People asked about the [Harper at] first-base stuff. I’m sure it’s potentially a possibility, but it’s not something that we would play on at that level, to pay that money to play somebody like that at first base.”

Cashman did, however, say that he’s spoken with Dan Lozano, Manny Machado’s agent, multiple times, so that dream still lives. Especially since Machado could fill in at shortstop until Didi Gregorius returns. My favorite part was when Cashman indicated the Yankees have limited money:

“We don’t have an [infinite] amount of dollars to be playing with in any marketplace,”

Well, at least Hal can get that seventh yacht.

Yahoo | Kyle Cantlon: J.A. Happ’s landing spot could be breaking within the next few days as it seems like it’s now down to the Yankees or Phillies. Brian Cashman wanted to add two starters this winter and he got one in James Paxton so after missing out on Corbin, Happ could be number two. Happ wants a three-year deal, but the Yankees are said to be unwilling to go past two years for him. Let’s see how this shakes out. | Mark Feinsand: I am extremely mad online. David Robertson isn’t a Yankee yet. Relief pitching is in hot demand this winter and one of my favorite Yankees just happens to be available. Robertson’s market has heated up as the Mets, Red Sox, and now Dodgers have been expressing interest in him. Hopefully the Yankees stop being dumb and lock him up so I can rest easy this winter. 30 years, $30 million per year. It’s that simple, Cashman! Make me un-mad.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Despite what many people say, Giancarlo Stanton’s first season in pinstripes was a success. He carried the team for much of the middle part of the season. However, a slow start and weak finish left room for improvement the former NL MVP. Stanton’s agent Joel Wolfe says that Yankees fans will see “another guy” next year because being a Yankee “means so much to him.” Stanton was still adjusting to New York in 2018 and his agent said that the home games in the first half of 2018 felt like away games to him. The Yankees and Red Sox are playing a two-game set in London this June. In an effort to promote the series and the game, MLB and the MLB Players Association are sending Jackie Bradley Jr. and CC Sabathia to London. Sabathia will visit Etihad Stadium on December 15, where Manchester City FC will host Everton and Bradley Jr. will go see Liverpool FC will host Manchester United on December 16.

The Onion: In recent years, MLB has constantly tried to find new ways of boosting attendance, and not just at games either. In today’s most important and real news, MLB has announced a Star Wars Night to boost attendance at this year’s Winter Meetings. Each owner in attendance will get a Luke Skywalker bobblehead which would look good on Hal’s yacht. Hopefully he has time to attend Theo Epstein’s lecture on “lightsabermetrics.”