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Pinstripe Alley 2018 MLB free agent predictions

Take a look into the crystal ball and see the future for these free agents...

Washington Nationals v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

While the free agent market has only started to warm up, the Yankees have been busy of late. The team already re-signed Brett Gardner and CC Sabathia, and have expressed interest in virtually every starting pitcher that may be available.

Jeff Passan recently reported that teams expect the free agent market to buzz early. There expects to be a lot of action in the coming weeks, unlike the doldrums of last winter. So with that in mind, I asked the PSA staff to look into the future and tell us where they think some of the top free agents will land.

PSA Free Agent Predictions 2018-2019

Player Tyler Caitlin Jake Brett Brock Greg Josh Kenny Kento Kunj Matt Pavich Ryan Tom
Player Tyler Caitlin Jake Brett Brock Greg Josh Kenny Kento Kunj Matt Pavich Ryan Tom
Bryce Harper Phillies Phillies Dodgers Dodgers Astros Nationals Giants Mets Phillies Phillies Nationals Giants Phillies Dodgers
Manny Machado Yankees Dodgers Phillies Phillies Yankees Phillies Phillies Phillies Yankees Yankees Astros Yankees Yankees Yankees
Patrick Corbin Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Diamondbacks Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Cardinals Yankees Yankees Yankees
Dallas Keuchel Dodgers Astros Angels Angels Brewers Yankees Angels Dodgers Twins Astros Twins Angels Phillies Phillies
Craig Kimbrel Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Cardinals Red Sox Braves Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Cardinals Phillies Red Sox Red Sox
Yasmani Grandal Astros Nationals Nationals Angels Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Astros Rangers Dodgers Astros Indians
Nathan Eovaldi Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Dodgers Brewers Twins Brewers Brewers Braves Brewers Tigers Brewers Red Sox Red Sox
Andrew McCutchen Rockies Cubs Braves Cubs Braves Yankees Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Royals Indians Rockies Braves
J.A. Happ Angels Yankees Yankees Yankees Nationals Yankees Blue Jays Yankees Blue Jays Yankees Rangers Blue Jays Yankees Yankees
David Robertson Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Phillies Yankees Yankees Yankees
Zach Britton Cardinals Astros Dodgers Red Sox Phillies Twins Phillies Phillies Phillies Phillies Tigers Cardinals Dodgers Dodgers
Marwin Gonzalez Brewers Giants Angels Phillies Twins Nationals Nationals Giants Red Sox Nationals Dodgers Nationals Rays Rays
Charlie Morton Phillies Blue Jays Nationals Phillies Astros Astros Brewers Astros Braves Astros Mariners Phillies Astros Astros
Josh Donaldson Braves Braves Cardinals Angels Phillies Reds Cardinals Braves Phillies Phillies Dodgers Angels Braves Phillies

As always, Matt’s picks are must-read material. There are a few consensus picks, but nothing unanimous. We come close on Patrick Corbin, J.A. Happ, Nathan Eovaldi, and David Robertson. We have a couple wild cards, too!

Now that you’ve read our predictions, it’s time to weigh in with your own. Leave them in the comment section below!