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Yankees GM Brian Cashman discusses Patrick Corbin, contract extensions, and more

The Yankees GM chatted with the media this afternoon.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Brian Cashman repelled down the side of the Landmark Building in Stamford, as he does every year. As he prepared to make the descent, he took a few minutes to chat with the media about the Yankees’ recent happenings and general offseason plans. Here are some of the highlights:

Patrick Corbin

The big news in the Yankee universe yesterday was that Corbin and his wife stopped by the Bronx for a visit. In addition to taking a tour of the facilities, Cashman revealed that he took the couple out to dinner. He referred to the tour as an “educational process” rather than a “recruiting” strategy. When asked when a decision might be made, Cashman said, “...I can’t predict time frame. They’re the ones that have that.” It sounds like the ball is in Corbin’s court.

Cashman also acknowledged that he heard the story about what happened at Corbin’s wedding.

“My understanding is (Corbin’s family are) all Yankee fans. Just because they might have a rooting interest by bringing him closer to home or have family closer to home I don’t think is going to … their Yankee allegiances are appreciated, but usually in this process typically the thing that’s most important are the financial opportunities that exist and various locales weigh heavily.”

The Yankees are also prepared to move on without him.

Contracts and extensions

According to Mark Feinsand, the Yankees will tender contracts to all of their arbitration eligible players. There was some concern that they might non-tender Didi Gregorius due to his injury. Also of note: Cashman said that he intends to discuss contract extensions with Gregorius, Aaron Hicks, and Dellin Betances. “It’s something we’re definitely going to look at and explore.”

Sonny Gray

Somehow, Gray is still a Yankee despite all of Cashman’s talk about wanting to get rid of him. Apparently there are roughly 11 different teams interested in the right-hander. It sounds like we may have to wait awhile longer for a trade to come through. “It’s taken time to vet all this stuff.” There have been discussions about flipping Gray for a prospect, big-league help, or both.