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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/27/18

Harper still makes sense; Rivera’s Hall of Fame outlook; NYY gives out fewest playoff shares; Bridwell claimed, Toe DFA’d

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American League Wild Card Game - Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

USA Today | Gabe Lacques: It’s been rumored for years, Bryce Harper and the Yankees. When he shaved his beard this year during a series against them, the rumors grew even more. The marriage seems inevitable. Even with a crowded outfield, a union between the two metaphorical giants still could work.

FanGraphs | Jay Jaffe: Barring absolutely ridiculousness, in January we’ll be celebrating Mariano Rivera getting into the Hall of Fame on his first try. It probably won’t be unanimous, like it should be, because people are dumb, but at least it’ll happen. This piece is a part of Jaffe’s series where he looks at all the candidates on the recently-released Hall of Fame ballot.

New York Post | Dan Martin: A few weeks ago, a report came out that the Yankees decided to be super stingy with playoff shares. For some reason David Robertson is being blamed for this, but let’s not forget the whole team votes on this. No one on the coaching or training staff is guaranteed a share, but they’re typically given full shares. The Yankees gave out the fewest full shares among playoff teams with just 45. They did, however, also award 21.470 partial shares and two cash awards. The Cubs gave out the most full shares with 66. | Chad Thornberg: Many said the Yankees had to make a lot of moves if they wanted to catch up to the Red Sox next year. Well, the championship is all but ours now. The Yankees claimed Parker Bridwell from the Angels to seal up their need for pitching. Unfortunately, no risk, no reward, as the team DFA’d Ronald Torreyes to make room for Bridwell. Guess we won’t find out if they make World Series championship Toe rings. At least Bridwell’s excited to join the team:

Let’s set the over/under at 17 games pitched for the 2019 Yankees in the majors.