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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 11/20/18

Here’s your open thread for the night!

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

James Paxton is a Yankee! This is not a drill. Personally, this is the most excited I’ve been for a trade in...years. Yeah, yeah, Giancarlo Stanton. I know. The rotation has been so bad for so long though, that Stanton did not fill the void in my heart. I just wanted a great starting pitcher. Well, mission accomplished, finally...but I want at least one more good one. How’s everyone else feeling about the trade?

Go ahead and use this as your open thread for the night. Feel free to discuss the trade or anything else on your mind.

Fun Questions

  1. What is your favorite Yankees trade ever?
  2. What do you think Brian Cashman will do next?