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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/16/18

David Robertson could be on shaky ground with Yanks after team meeting; five reasons why the Bombers should pursue Daniel Murphy; non-Manny Machado candidates for the infield.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Post | George A. King III: Thursday’s morning news opened with some controversy, as King reports that free agent David Robertson’s potential return to the Yankees could be in jeopardy due to a team meeting held prior to the postseason. In this players-only meeting to determine the spread of postseason shares, Robertson (who led the meeting due to his prior involvement in player-rep issues) voted for certain Yankees staff to receive no portion of the shares. Obviously, other players had a part in the voting process, so we’ll have to see if this has any merit on Robertson’s chances to come back to the Bronx. | Matt Kelly: Plenty of talk this week has surrounded the possibility of Manny Machado coming to New York to bolster the lineup and the infield. Kelly gives five reasons why Daniel Murphy could also help the lineup, from his under-the-radar strong finish to the 2018 season to his pull-heavy lefty swing paying dividends at Yankee Stadium. Not mentioned in the article are Murphy’s seemingly poor choices when presented with the opportunity to be a compassionate human being, so if the Yanks show interest, we’ll see if they do a similarly deep dive into Murphy’s character as they are doing with Machado. | Brendan Kuty: Speaking of non-Machado possibilities, Kuty presents a whole bunch of them in this article, from internal pieces like Tyler Wade (yay?) to trade candidates like Jurickson Profar. Other options for Kuty include Asdrubal Cabrera, Nick Ahmed and Adeiny Hechavarria. There are more options in the article, ranging from more internal candidates to other trade targets.