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Pinstripe Alley’s 2018 Yankees and MLB predictions results

We made some big predictions back in March.

MLB: AL Wild Card-Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Now that all of the MLB awards have been announced, it’s finally time to go through our 2018 predictions and determine a PSA winner. Jake has been victorious two years in a row, but will he come out on top for a third time? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

If you’re playing along at home, you can check your original predictions here.

For the standings, I awarded one point for each correct slot, and for the numerical predictions, I gave two points for the closest guess, and three for exactly right. Correct guesses on player awards and leaders received two points.

2018 AL Standings

Shout out to Kento for being the only one of us not to fail miserably here. We had high hopes, but the Red Sox ruined everything.

Last year, we didn’t expect the Tigers to slide into last place. This year, they surprised us by not being the worst.

We really did not see the Athletics coming. Funny that they ended up being the team to play the Yankees in the Wild Card Game.

2018 NL Standings

We ended up way off on the NL East, but at least we could count on the Mets and Marlins to do their job by being terrible.

I was rooting for Kenny and Pavich on the clean sweep. So close.

Tyler did it! The only one of us to go 5-for-5 in any of the division predictions this year. Well done.

Stanton & Judge HR, Gardner SB, Tanaka & Severino ERA, Torres G, and Betances K

I was skeptical that Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge would be able to repeat their 2017 success, or even come close, and I am sad to say that I was right. Also, boy did we underestimate how much playing time Gleyber Torres would get.

Yankee leaders: AVG, HR, ERA, and WAR

Let this remind you that Miguel Andujar was not on our radar at all. He somehow ended the season with the highest batting average on the team. Remarkable.

MLB leaders: AVG, HR, ERA, and WAR

I think this is the worst we have ever done with MLB leader predictions. Not a single person correctly guessed any of these players.

Most team wins & losses, first manager fired

Excuse us for not having guessed that the Red Sox would run away with the division. Interesting that the AL East would be home to the team with the best record AND the team with the worst record. Seriously, is everything okay in Baltimore?

MLB Awards

Kudos to everyone who had faith in Shohei Ohtani after that spring training he had. Also, where did Blake Snell come from?

Dear Mets, please give us Jacob deGrom.


If you sub in Red Sox for Yankees, then we were totally on the right track.

Staff results

There we have it. Somehow, Jake won for the third year in a row! I really thought I had it in the bag, but it wasn’t meant to be. Tune in next year to see if he can make it four-for-four.

Let us know how you did in the comments section if you played along too.