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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/1/18

Yankees decline Brett Gardner’s option, sign him to one-year deal; Alex Cora sounds off on the Yanks at Boston parade; Projections about the roster changes approaching

MLB: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox
Welcome back, old friend.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN | AP: The Yankees made their first move of the offseason, declining Brett Gardner’s one-year, $12.5 million contract option for 2019 and instead paying him a $2 million buyout. They then turned around and signed Gardner to a one-year, $7.5 million contract instead. The buyout counts towards their 2018 cap, thankfully not pushing them over and prompting another round of Plan 197.

NY Post | Mark W. Sanchez: Alex Cora made headline’s at the parade in Boston celebrating his team’s accomplishment when he chose to gloat about turning things around against the Yankees in Game Three. This continues the ongoing saga of Boston reminiscing about the ALDS while running through the rest of the league. Insert “rent-free” joke here. | Randy Miller: While certain moves are being agreed to now, we are almost officially upon free-agent season. That magical time of the year where any and almost all of the high-profile names will be attached to the Yankees. Only this year, the odds are good that a few of them could come to the Bronx. Miller works his way through the needs and wants of the Yankees, and who he thinks will ultimately be with the team for 2019.