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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/7/18

Gary Sanchez goes yard twice, hits 479ft dinger, beautifully drops his bat; Luke Voit will give Brian Cashman something to think about for 2019; Yankee fans still pay respect to Babe Ruth; Aaron Judge blast Ol’ Blue Eyes on his way out of Fenway

Divisional Round - New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox - Game Two
Oh, you want me to get back in the box??
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images | Mark Feinsand: Both Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone doubled/tripled down on the fact that Gary Sanchez would be behind the plate for the postseason. Yesterday, the Kraken rewarded their faith with not one, but two dingers. The first HR came off of David Price, because of course it did. In case you didn’t know, Gary is 7-for-14 against Price and six of those hits are dingers. The second HR was against Eduardo Rodriguez. It went over the center field wall. It was a 479ft bomb. It. was. beautiful. We all needed to see it.

Cut4 | Michael Clair: In fact, let’s talk more about it, because it felt so good. Let’s talk about how he confidently and gloriously just dropped his bat. He knew it was gone. We knew it was gone. The Fenway faithful knew it was gone.

/chef kisses fingers

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: Perhaps it’s too early to think about what the 2019 Yankees’ roster will look like. However, Luke Voit has definitely given Brian Cashman and friends something to ponder. Voit has clearly made his mark on the Yankees since being acquired from the Cardinals for Chasen Shreve. Cashman still believes in Greg Bird, but he will have quite a few options, depending on what he does during free agency. Luke Voit is definitely in the conversation though.

The New York Times | Corey Kilgannon: The Yankees are Red Sox are facing each other, so of course the stories of Babe Ruth are going to come out. This one particular story is not one I expected to read, but am kind of glad I did. I had no idea Yankee fans made the trek to Ruth’s grave to pay respects to the former Yankee legend, but apparently they do. Give this one a read. It’s interesting.

Cut4 | MEARNS!!!: Aaron Judge is having a pretty good postseason. With yesterday’s win, the Yankees are headed back to the Bronx with a 1-1 tie. Judge made sure to let the Red Sox know exactly that on his way out by blaring the Chairman of the Board’s classic hit, New York, New York. You’ve probably heard the song before. We know the Red Sox certainly have. Here’s hoping they here it again exactly two more times this year.

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