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Aaron Judge looks good as new after the wrist injury

The Yankees outfielder has been dominant in the postseason.

Divisional Round - New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox - Game Two Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Remember when a Royals pitcher plunked Aaron Judge on the wrist and he suffered a bone chip fracture and missed the next seven and a half weeks? The Yankees initially anticipated that their All-Star outfielder would only be out for two weeks, but that turned out to be overly optimistic. Instead, weeks turned into months and whether he would return in 2018 at all was called into question.

He finally returned to the Bombers’ lineup on September 18th, with just two weeks to go before the Wild Card Game. Yankees fans hoped that he’d pick up where he left off without missing a beat. However, that was a lot to ask for given how much time he missed, and considering the nature of the injury.

Judge has somehow managed to do just that, though. We’re only three games into the postseason, and he has gone deep in all three of those games. His two-run bomb in the Wild Card Game set the tone early:

Although the Yankees ended up losing Friday’s game, the offense did put up a good fight (if you ignore everything that happened with the bases loaded) and Judge hit another long ball. He also got the offense rolling in last night’s win with a solo shot off of David Price.

Last night’s home run happened to be the seventh postseason home run of Judge’s career. That is really remarkable when you consider that he has only played in 16 playoff games. Plus, three of those dingers have come on the heels of a wrist injury!

The Yankees are in good shape with the series shifting to the Bronx, and it’s Judge leading the charge. There were some questions about his health, if he would even make it back in time for the postseason. But he’s here, and having a huge impact. If it weren’t for Judge, who knows where the Yankees would be right now.