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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/4/18

Yankees win Wild Card Game; New York and Boston ALDS is good for baseball; Joe Girardi could find a managing job; Judge loves J. Cole

Wild Card Game - Oakland Athletics v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images | Andy Martin: The Yankees won the Wild Card Game. It was a nerve-wracking event with big home runs and strong pitching. Now, after celebrating last night, it’s time for the club to make the trek to Boston. The Yankees and Red Sox will square off in the ALDS beginning Friday night. I, for one, am ready for Aaron Boone to continue to haunt Boston.

Newsday | Neil Best: Yankee fans weren’t the only ones cheering on the Bombers in the Wild Card Game, MLB and TV executives were also bleeding pinstripes, knowing the implications of a Yankee win with the Red Sox waiting at Fenway. While Oakland vs. Boston would have been a strong ALDS matchup, the entertainment value and marketing potential would be much, much weaker. Welcome to the good side, execs. | Mike Rosenstein: With a loss in the Wild Card Game, the Cubs endured two straight nights of watching teams celebrate on their field. That might not be the only thing they lose. The MLB rumor mill is spinning out maybe-true-but-who-knows stories, like the possible firing of Cubs’ manager, Joe Maddon. Ex-Yankee manager, Joe Girardi, has ties to both Chicago and the Cubs, making him a fitting choice if this plan were to actualize. Again, this is strictly a speculative rumor, but with the recent number of managerial firings, you have to wonder if and when Girardi will return to the game.

New York Post | Jaclyn Hendricks: Aaron Judge knows how to prep for the postseason. On Monday night, Judge headed to Madison Square Garden to catch J. Cole (for the second time in the past year) with Tyler Wade, the A’s Matt Chapman, and a friend. Is this news we should really care about? No. Did Judge reveal false information about the Yankees for Chapman to take back to the A’s, sabotaging strategic pre-game moves? Hopefully.