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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/27/18

No decision for Bryce Harper until after Winter Meetings; Gary Sanchez is one of the best framers in baseball; Manny Machado steals signs; New York City owed $100 million for poor YSIII parking

MLB: Winter Meetings Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN | The Michael Kay Show: Unsurprisingly, the uber-agent isn’t spilling any secrets as to where free agent to-be Bryce Harper is leaning. On the Michael Kay Show yesterday, Scott Boras announced that no decision on Harper’s future would be made until after the GM Winter Meetings in mid-December. In the meantime, I’m sure we can look forward to many more seafaring analogies.

Sports Info Solutions | Mark Simon: Gary Sanchez is a ridiculously good baseball player. Despite his problems with passed balls, Brian Cashman has full confidence in Gary’s ability to be the backstop in 2019 and beyond. One of the reasons why is Sanchez ranks among the best in baseball at pitch framing, stealing more and more strikes for his pitchers than most.

Bleacher Report | Scott Miller: Manny Machado continues to stir the pot in his ongoing feud with the Red Sox. This time, Boston accuses the Dodger shortstop of stealing signs in game two of the World Series Wednesday night, an advantage Machado immediately leveraged into Boston’s second win of the series. Personally, if Manny has some insight into what the Red Sox are trying to do in an at bat, that makes me want him more, not less.

New York Post | Yoav Gonen: As construction on Yankee Stadium III was finalized, the Yankees were adament they needed more parking around the facility. 9100 new spots were opened in 2010, and the company operating them owes the City of New York right around a hundred million dollars in rent, interest and back taxes. The company, Bronx Parking Development Corp., has also defaulted five straight years on bond obligations, and is looking to restructure their debt obligations.