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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 10/21/18

CC Sabathia has a big doggie on his lap, therefore he should get another contract; a list of 20 players the Yankees could trade for; Hideki Matsui is the best

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Cut4 | Eric Chesterton: Are there more important stories out there today, like say the Dodgers defeating the Brewers, and therefore instantly becoming the team we root for in the World Series? Nah. CC Sabathia with his big giant sheepdog on his lap is definitely the top story. Sign Sabathia just for this photo alone. Make CC’s sheepdog the Yankees’ mascot or batdog for the 2019 season. I have spoken. | Randy Miller: Besides making CC’s glorious pup the 2019 batdog, the Yankees need to make some other improvements. This article gets into 20 players the Yankees could potentially trade for. I could discuss others, but there’s one paragraph that just, I dunno, really really stuck out to me.

The skinny: If the Yankees are serious about winning the World Series next season and money is no object, then they should go all out to try acquiring the best starting pitcher in the game. The Nats won’t might jump on a great return package of youngsters in an offseason in which there’s a good chance they’ll lose superstar outfielder Bryce Harper. Scherzer is controllable for three years, but at $120 million, although all but $15 million of it is deferred. I wonder if the Nats would have to think twice about an Yankees offer that starts with Gary Sanchez, Justus Sheffield and Estevan Florial. That would be giving up a lot, and the Nats’ probably would want even more, but it would be worth it if the Yanks win a couple World Series with Scherzer heading the rotation and more reliable defensive catcher.

If you’ve followed my fabled Pinstripe Alley career, you will know that among the many moves I get upset about the Yankees not making in the past, one that always grinds my gears is not just throwing money & years at Max Scherzer when they had the chance. Miller is right that the Yankees would have to trade the farm for Scherzer. You know what prevents the Yankees from doing that?? JUST SIGNING HIM WHEN THEY HAD THE BUNTING CHANCE!!! /end rant | Matt Kardos: If you’ve followed my fabled Pinstripe Alley career, you’ll know that Hideki Matsui is one of my all time favorite Yankees. Just check my pinned tweet. Check it, damn you! Anyway, please read this wonderful story about the Matsui 55 Baseball Foundation and these forty kids who got to hang out with Godzilla for three hours yesterday. I don’t know if Matsui had to save a kid’s life by hitting a dinger, but it’s always important to remind you that he can!